Monday, May 26, 2008

House Hunting

On Saturday we went on an official house hunt...and we fell in love with one of the houses...
...there obviously isn't any snow on the ground anymore, but this is one of the pictures they have of it online. It's in Bountiful on Center Street and is SUCH A NICE HOUSE!!!! (and it's big...) Upstairs has mostly hardwood floors and everywhere else is newly carpeted. The kitchen is lovely :) with new appliances and there is a big tree in the backyard that could be a potential treehouse tree sometime in the future :). I would post other pictures that they have online, but they really don't do the house justice.

The other house we liked was this one...
The downfall though is that it doesn't have central air (it currently has a swamp cooler...but it does have central heat, so it wouldn't be difficult to install--just pricey) This one however, does have a spacey garage...always a plus.

Looking at houses was quite the experience. As we went from house to house, I became more and more excited--giddy even. I just can't get my hopes up until we get the financing in order and finalized.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk

Jonathan and I went on a walk down Main Street in Bountiful to see a variety of sidewalk chalk art. I guess there is a contest every year...but I was pretty impressed. Here are a few of my favorites.... :)
These Flowers were by far the best...

"You never know what's under the sidewalk..."

This reminded us of Paul. :)

and this one too...

And finally, this was Jonathan's favorite...he claims it was so hot he was ready to jump down into the water. He was hoping the slide would lead to the dolphins under the sidewalk. :)

It was a lovely walk...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Conversion to Mr. Clean

I've spent the last month packing and cleaning to prepare for the return of the Roueche's and our big move into hopefully our own home. I began working on the kitchen last week by going through the drawers and cupboards--throwing away...well lots of stuff and organizing them to be somewhat user friendly. I ventured into the refrigerator and managed to do everything I could to avoid the floor. We've tried mopping, but as the president of the "I hate linoleum club" I know as well as any other that mopping does nothing and the floor forever looks dirty. However...after helping Paul and Jennie clean part of their apartment I was introduced to magic erasers. While we began with the generic brand (still impressive mind you) I was able to see the amazing things Mr. Clean can do! 6 Magic Erasers later...the kitchen floor is cleaner than I have ever seen it! While my right hand and wrist are very angry at me, I am very pleased with the results of the torture of spending who knows how long on my hands and knees.

The picture really doesn't do it justice...but I promise, getting that right side to look like that when it used to look like the left side...need I say more... Yeah for Mr. Clean...Thanks Jennie :)