Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pregnant Bellies

I've been informed that I need to be like other pregnant women and broadcast the occasional belly shot. So here it is:

While this belly is getting more and more uncomfortable, the morning sickness has finally taken a turn for the better and I now only have an occasional yucky day. He's become more active and I CAN FEEL HIM MOVING!!!! His movement has been pretty random and sporadic, but I noticed the other day that he starts moving more when there is music playing. I was in the classroom and we had some song on to relate music to poetry and a few seconds after the song started, the baby started going crazy! When the song stopped, so did he. It was pretty funny. He's done it a couple times since then, and I have no idea if it's a coincidence or not--but I'd like to think that he already has a passion for music. :) (Maybe he'll follow in his cousin James' footsteps!)

Last night Jonathan and I were able to drive down to Provo and spend some time with Paul, Diana, and Jeff. (Unfortunately, Jennie and James did not heed my request of tagging along in Paul's suitcase...) Diana made a lovely pork chop dinner and we played Ticket to Ride (and I WON! The only reason I feel the need to state that is because I never win, and I probably never will win again, so let it be known that I won once...and for the record, I did play guitar hero or rock band or whichever game Diana and Jeff own.) :) We had a lot of fun and wished we could have spent more time down there, but we all had an early morning today...

(I am not flipping the camera off...I promise I am just pointing at Paul and Jonathan...)

Good Times... :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Medieval Banquet

Kingdom of the Lollipop Warriors...

(I promise that all the spelling was correct on their rough draft of this tapestry... ;-P)

For the past two months, the students in my class have been learning about the Middle Ages. We went through a variety of phases to learn about Feudalism, Manorialism, Knighthood, Life in a Monastery, The Crusades, and Guilds. We made tapestries of what we learned and finally had our culminating event this past Thursday--our Medieval Banquet. That morning, the boys made crowns and the girls each made a hennin and we were wooed by a variety of entertaining acts.

The parents served us a fabulous 6 course meal consisting of nuts, bread and cheese, baked apples, grapes, chicken, and cake. Here's a picture of the boys devouring the second course consisting of bread and cheese...

Fourth course: Grapes

The day felt longer than usual, but it was fun!

...and entertaining :).

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a Baby!

A baby boy to be exact... :)

I had an ultrasound today and it was quite the experience. I arrived with a full bladder and I was ready to pee in a cup when asked. However, they didn't need me to pee in a cup today...they needed the full bladder to help them see certain things better. Who knows... Anyhoo, after viewing that, the lady doing the ultrasound said that I could use the restroom before we continued, but I had already gotten a glimpse of the baby and I definitely didn't want to stop just to go to the bathroom--so I held it. :)

Here are a couple of the ultrasound pictures...


(Lips and Nose)
(It's a boy)
(Another Profile)
It was the most exciting thing to watch! I could not believe how active he is. He moved around so much that the lady doing the ultrasound had a difficult time getting a few of the measurements right away. She said he looked healthy and that's all I wanted to hear. I was able to watch his little heart beat and see his little hands and little feet move in every possible direction. She pointed out other important organs, but I had no idea what in the world I was looking at! I'm just glad she did. She told me how big he was, but I don't remember exactly what she said. She did however inform me that while a few days small, he was right on track developmentally. While this was all exciting, there were a couple of times I thought I was going to pee my pants because of how much pressure she was putting on my bladder! The moment the ultrasound was over I RAN to the bathroom. No need to worry...I made it!