Saturday, February 14, 2009

Popcorn and Poetry

On Thursday night, we had a "Popcorn and Poetry" night to finish off our poetry unit. Students in my class memorized and recited poems by a famous author and then presented a poem they themselves had written and memorized. We had a great turn out of students and parents. We only had one student not show up.

Here are some of their personal poems that they chose to share:

by Michael (Inspired by Brady)

Bananas are yellow,
What a friendly fellow!
Bananas that are yellow
go good with Jell-o.

by Andrea

I think about our garden
with it's pretty purple peppers
the bright crisp cabbages
and tall tomato vines.
I think about weeding.
How boring it is.
But I also think
about the salad
in the end.

Fish on a Hook
by Natalie

I am a fish,
Dangling on a hook
On a hook.
I can hear a voice in the distance,
"I got one, reel it in!"
I am a fish,

by Camden

Food is yummy,
Food is good,
Food is like happiness
Some foods however,
such as spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli,
these foods you cannot eat.
For they will make your life bad.
You must never ever, ever, ever, EVER
ever eat these foods.

The Emu
by Dallin

The emu runs across uneven ground,
as its feet quickly pound down.
Then it makes quite an odd sound,
as it sticks-it's-head-down-in-the-ground.

by Nathan

Kyle is a tree,
always growing taller.
And he's not like me,
because I'm getting smaller.
***I liked this one because Nathan and Kyle are like me and Claire growing up... :) ***

Sixth graders are funny you know...often clever, but usually just weird.

I look super tired in this picture (which I am--I got to school that morning around 7am and got home just before 9pm), but I wore one of my new blouses that I got from my mom that night and so I figured it should be shown off :). I feel like I have an entirely new wardrobe! I definitely already have a few favorite tops that I've worn more than once... )

This top is loose, so you can't really see my belly, but apparently it is finally pregnant looking enough that people feel comfortable asking me when I am due. For the first time this past week I had someone I didn't know ask me that question. When I told the girls that I student teach with that this had happened, they informed me that I should be prepared next time and make the stranger feel a little awkward first by saying "What do you mean when am I due?" before actually saying the date. I haven't decided yet if I'm cruel enough to try that...but it would be pretty funny!