Sunday, June 22, 2008

The New Apartment

This is my first attempt at this...Kristina and I are really excited! Our frustration is finally coming to an end. For those of you that don't know I left my job about a month ago because of some illegal and unethical things...and...I hadn't been paid for a month. At the same time Earl and Elaine came home from New Zealand and as much as we love them we felt the need to get out of their house because it's their house and it's definitely weird to be here with them. The job search was going slow and I had seen little fruit from it. I finally got an offer from Lowes, but we didn't feel good about me taking I said no. In the mean time I was interviewed by a large and prominent landscaping company to be a foreman. I found out Friday morning that I got that job and we got, what I think is the only one bedroom apartment in Bountiful after an extensive search. All in all it's been a trying couple of weeks, but we have grown closer as a couple and the Lord has taken care of us because we pay our tithing. :) I start my new job at 8 am tomorrow and look forward to working again!

Now it's my turn (Kristina)...I won't say much, but I will post some pictures of the empty apartment.

Our kitchen...
Our living room...
and we have a small bedroom and bathroom...but I didn't get good pictures of those. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

:) Kristina is no longer frustrated! I promise to update the blog this weekend with information about...
*my new job
*Jonathan's new job
*our new apartment


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Very Frustrated...

Kristina is very frustrated.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

And the hunt continues...

So...we have yet to hear about our financing. They were supposed to contact us on Friday, but it turns out that we applied for a home loan at the perfect time--the rates just dropped again which is a good thing...but a bad thing because TONS of people applied at the same time...meaning they didn't quite finish processing our application. They clearly don't realize how important we are!

While I wait, the house hunt continues. I have yet to find another house that I love as much as I do the brick one I posted last week...but yesterday during my online search I came across one in Woods Cross that was a potential competitor. However, after we called our Realtor he informed us that he had already showed the house and the current owners have so many pets that the house smells like urine and apparently it has soaked into the sub-flooring. GROSS!! He said that when he took the other people through he couldn't stand inside for longer than a few minutes at the time because the stench was so bad. So...we won't be looking at that house.

Hopefully we'll get this all figured out SOON...especially since Earl and Elaine come home on Tuesday this week...

We'll keep you posted.