Sunday, January 18, 2009

Medieval Banquet

Kingdom of the Lollipop Warriors...

(I promise that all the spelling was correct on their rough draft of this tapestry... ;-P)

For the past two months, the students in my class have been learning about the Middle Ages. We went through a variety of phases to learn about Feudalism, Manorialism, Knighthood, Life in a Monastery, The Crusades, and Guilds. We made tapestries of what we learned and finally had our culminating event this past Thursday--our Medieval Banquet. That morning, the boys made crowns and the girls each made a hennin and we were wooed by a variety of entertaining acts.

The parents served us a fabulous 6 course meal consisting of nuts, bread and cheese, baked apples, grapes, chicken, and cake. Here's a picture of the boys devouring the second course consisting of bread and cheese...

Fourth course: Grapes

The day felt longer than usual, but it was fun!

...and entertaining :).

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