Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Am Alive...

My excuse used to be that I was too busy with school (planning lessons and creating my portfolio) to blog...but I finished my Student Teaching over a month ago and finished my school projects the last week of April--so my new excuse is that I've been (and am) tired. :) A lot has happened over the past 3 months...You can read it all if you'd like...or just look at all the pictures :)

1. 3 Baby Showers (2 of which were surprises)
2. I finished my Student Teaching

Now I'm just waiting...waiting...waiting for this baby to make his debut!

Baby Shower #1:
Paul, Jennie, and James came out for a quick visit at the end of February and with their help distracting me in the morning, Diana managed to surprise me with a wonderful Baby Shower.

The funny thing is that I really was super surprised...I'm telling you pregnancy does funny things to your mind. When Paul, Jennie, James, and I pulled up to the Andrews' house I even mentioned to them that it was odd that there were so many cars there. Paul smoothly played it by saying that the Andrews may have family visiting...and I didn't think anything of it! When we walked in the door I should have realized something fishy was going on when Brother Andrews started acting so "surprised" to see us...anyway we started going downstairs to "look at a family photo" when the "SURPRISE" was shouted. The biggest surprise though was seeing my mom's big smile at the base of the stairs. :)

(Jonathan was in San Diego at a convention...we missed him--but still had lots of fun! Thanks everyone!)

Baby Shower #2:
As you know I student taught in the 6th grade and the students in my class wanted to do something special for me before I left. On my last day they gave me a wonderful scrapbook with a personalized page from each of them and they threw me a lovely party full of baby games and presents. While I'm glad to be done, it still is pretty weird not seeing their cute faces everyday...

My favorite part of those two showers was the dirty diaper guessing game--the following pictures will reveal why:

Baby Shower #3:
I flew out to California the week after I finished my Student Teaching and spent a week of leisure at the Peterson Home. I was able to take a bath in their new jetted tub and witness the completion of their other beautiful bathroom. The day of the shower we were beginning to worry that no one would come because so many people had stopped by in previous days to drop off gifts, but there was an amazing turnout! Had anyone else come there wouldn't have been much room for them to sit! It was a lot of fun. Mom and Dad threw me a wonderful shower and they surprised me with flying Diana out to help with the festivities.

(notice mom hiding...)

Stephanie was the one going around and taking all the I unfortunately don't have any good ones to include of her! (Dad and Steven escaped to an Angels game of course...)

Student Teaching:
Again...glad to be done! My last week at the Elementary School we had two field trips...great way to end!

I graduated May 8th...pretty exciting day! Mom, Dad, and Baba drove out for the festivities and Diana, Jeff, and Grandma and Grandpa Whatcott took time out of their day to join us as well :). During the ceremony I was announced and asked to stand as ranking second in my class and for receiving the honor of Summa Cum Laude--pretty nifty stuff!

I tried my best not to waddle as I walked across the stage...while concentrating on not falling on my face! I'm happy to say that I did neither. I was tempted to stop in the middle of the stage and pretend my water broke...but decided against it. After the ceremony we made our way to Happy Sumo per mom's request (not that I complained! Yummy Sushi!). We were joined there by Gramma Peggy and Glen.

I'm sure you're tired of reading and if you've even gotten this far reading everything I'll be very impressed...but here's a picture of my cute pregnant lady graduation dress that was hidden by my gown the whole day...

So now we wait...and continue to prepare as much as we can for the baby! He's dropped and the contractions are coming more frequently...but not quite consistent enough to be too excited. It's hard to believe that it could be only a matter of days that he'll be here...


Renae said...

I'm so glad you are alive ;) My favorite picture is the first graduation one-because of primo's face! HAHA. Miss you love you both and can't wait to see you soon...still working on when that soon is going to be :)

vine street said...

Hooray!! Many congratulations! What an accomplishment to have kept pushing through to the end of college while pregnant. You went through a lot...throwing up on Trax, tired days, etc. I hope you can do something nice for yourself to celebrate graduating and upcoming motherhood. We loved seeing you in Riverdale. Good luck with everything.

Phil and roxy said...

Wow~ Love jonathon's face on the 1st grad pic. You had a very cute preggie grad dress. The other day Jonathon called phil and he missed it. I told him he better call him back they are supposed to have that baby anyday!

Jennie said...

Oh Kristina, you are SO cute! :) I love the graduation dress! I can't wait to meet my new nephew.

Congratulations on summa cum laude. You're amazing!

Grant and Stacy said...

Sounds like it's been an exciting couple of months! Congrats on Graduating, that's huge!!!

Claire Marsden said...

Yay Kristina!! I read every word because I miss you so much!! thanks for the updates, and congratulations on graduating summa cum laude you smarty pants! I must tell you that until last night I thought that the second one was "magma cum laude" ooooh boy... :-) I'm gonna miss your preggy pictures, you look soooo cute! Good luck with the next week or so I'm sending my good thoughts and prayers your way.

Michelle said...

2 Days. YEAH!!! You know I love babies. You have to put picks up asap. He is going to be so stinkin handsome.