Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Pitiful Pie for Pi Day...

As many of you know...Sunday was Pi Day (3.14...). I've been anticipating this day for weeks and have been contemplating what kind of pie I could make for such a special occasion...I thought about making my mom's divine Apple pie--but Jonathan doesn't like apples and consequently doesn't particularly care for Apple pie. Then I thought I'd go simple like Peach pie or Strawberry pie...and then I thought maybe I'd go fancy and do one of Jennie's pies like the French Fruit pie or the Black-bottom Peanut Butter Mousse pie because they look so very yummy... I finally decided to do one I knew Jonathan loves--Lemon Meringue. Assuming you are an observant reader and noticed the title of this post--the pie wasn't as successful as I would have hoped.

I should have called my mom for her recipe, but alas I did not and relied on Cooks.com which I have to admit I am usually quite pleased with. All basically went well until I got to the meringue part. I whipped and whipped and whipped and whipped but it didn't seem to be getting as fluffy as I thought it should. And I was right...After I put it on top of the filling it was not fluffy at all. No pretty peaks...nada. I couldn't very well dump it back in my bowl and mix it more so I just baked it as is.

I searched online to see potential causes of having flat meringue and found a girl who had blogged about a similar incident. She and her husband renamed their pie "Boo Meringue Pie." So we had a Boo Meringue Pie. It was still rather tasty I must admit...just not very pretty.

I talked to my mom later and found out that I did not use nearly as many egg whites as I should have for the meringue. I think she said she uses double what I did...so next time I'll use her recipe...and hopefully I won't get another Boo Meringue out of it.

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Jennie said...

Way to make your own pie for Pi Day! :) We had (brace yourself) banana cream pie from Marie Callender's.