Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Basketball "Pod"

For Christmas, Jonathan and I gave Michael a basketball hoop. He was pretty excited Christmas day, but as time continues to pass he plays with it more and more. I really think that he would play with it for hours and hours at a time if we would let him. Sometimes when Jonathan or Grandpa are watching a basketball game he'll sit on the couch and watch with them. (As a matter of fact, sometimes he'll point at the TV and request that basketball be turned on!) Of course his attention span only allows him to watch a few minutes, so when he gets bored, he starts playing basketball himself. The other night we caught him standing on the couch and playing. He was so excited because he figured out that if he was higher up he could throw the ball in the hoop. (I know we shouldn't let him stand on the couch like that...bad mom...but I was pretty impressed!)

I think we definitely have a basketball pod on our hands :)

*** Quiz for the day: "Pod" comes from what movie? :)