Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Big 3-0!

Thirty years ago, Jonathan was born...(old man!)...and I for one am very glad that little bit of history took place. ;)

In order to celebrate this grand occasion, we decided to have a little surprise get together today between conference sessions. I was pretty proud of myself and of my family as we planned the whole thing because Jonathan was actually surprised! (What a novel concept!) Thank you to those who joined us for lunch and came to show your love and express your happy wishes.

As shown in the first picture, Jonathan was quite the trooper and even dressed up in all "The Big 3-0" birthday apparel we could find.

(As Claire called it) Jonathan's "sexy" pose:

Michael pretty much thought the party was for him... he stole the coolio glasses from Jonathan...

But then I wanted to be cool too, so I stole them from Michael.

And this is where we get kind of lengthy, so you may stop reading here if you wish.

Since 30 is kind of a big deal for most, and since I usually blog about Michael, I decided today would be a lovely opportunity to brag about my hubby dubby. (I saw someone do this on their blog once, so here I go...)

30 reasons I love Jonathan:

1. His goofy--but very genuine--smile.
2. His very sexy, golden, honey-brown eyes.
3. His ability to make Michael and I genuinely and hysterically laugh without effort.
4. His happy and bright personality.
5. His humor/sarcasm.
6. The fact that he's not perfect (and he knows that), but he's always trying to be better.
7. He is a good listener.
8. He has very righteous desires and goals in his life.
9. His determination and diligence in everything he does.
10. He is very intelligent. I have to laugh at him a little because for as long as I've known him he has struggled with attending and doing well in school. However, this year he has taken 20-22 credits each quarter and has managed to get straight A's (one A-). Who does that? A crazy smart person...that's who. And he has a ridiculously large vocabulary. He uses words that I would never incorporate into my everyday speech.
11. He keeps me grounded. Whenever I start to stress out he reminds me to look at the whole picture.
12. His confidence.
13. He is a fun and loving father to Michael.
14. He is enthusiastic and spastic.
15. He is ambitious and positive about the future.
16. He introduced me to Crossfit and makes me feel like a rock star every time we work out together.
17. He is honest and doesn't just tell me (or others) what I (they) want to hear.
18. He snuggles with me when I'm cold even if it makes him hot.
19. When I don't understand something (especially scripturally) and I ask what I perceive as a silly question, he answers and doesn't make me feel like an idiot.
20. He holds my hand/pinky just because he knows I like to hold his hand/pinky even though it makes him claustrophobic.
21. He gives the BEST hugs.
22. His love for the Lord.
23. His ridiculously loud laugh.
24. He is much more conscious about his health than he was when we first got married and he strives to maintain healthy eating habits now so that he can play with our kids/grandkids in the future.
25. He hasn't once raised his voice at me in anger.
26. He tells me he loves me at least 50 times a day. Sometimes he'll send me a text when he's at work, across the house, or sitting right next to me just to remind me that he "loves me more no battle."
27. He encourages me, supports me in all I do, and he helps me want to be a better wife, mother, and person in general.
28. He makes sacrifices now so that he can provide for our family in the future.
29. He is a worthy Priesthood holder. He is my Nephi--spiritually and physically large in stature. :)
30. He chose me...and I get to spend the rest of time and eternity with him.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I love you!


Renae said...

I love you guys! I especially love the last picture. Can't wait to see you again next week!

roxann said...

you guys are too cute. Jon a love you too not that way and am so glad you have such a cute little red headed wife.

Mrs. Wright said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! You guys have such a cute family!