Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Yes...the Cheesy Grin is here.

If you can believe it, Michael turned 2 a little over a week ago. He was spoiled with toys from Toy Story from Grandma and Grandpa (hooray for daddy's Disney discount!)

...and he is now rarely seen without his Buzz Lightyear. For your enjoyment, a picture of Michael shooting me with Buzz's laser...

He does that a lot. He thinks it is hilarious. Strange child.

Jonathan had yesterday off, so we decided to throw him a little birthday get together and invited Kaelyn Stevens and Emmett & Logan Henson over for a couple hours. We had pizza, Michael's most favorite food, and we had star-cut melon (meant to be like sheriff woody's badge), and alien head cupcakes.

Of course he didn't eat the melon and refused to touch the cupcake. I guess I should have expected that. I need to be smarter next time and make a dessert I know he'll at least try--like cookies.

Our original intention was to play in the pool and then have lunch, but of course California's June gloom decided to make it cold and sprinkly yesterday morning and we 86ed the pool idea. Instead we stayed inside, did some coloring, and watched toy story while we ate and played. Grandma says I throw boring parties since we didn't have any games. Poor Michael has a lame mommy who doesn't know how to throw a proper party. Oh well...he seemed content with what we did and he knew the day was special and for him--that's all that matters, right? Right.

Michael has been diving right into the terrible 2's. He's mastered the tantrum and has become a little too familiar with time out. But all around he's a wonderful little boy. He continues to surprise me on a daily basis with the things he says and the phrases he is starting to put together. He also has quite the sense of humor. Just last night as we were getting ready for bed he pretended to snore and then said "grandpa" and pretended to snore some more.

Gotta say, I love this cute kid!

Happy Birthday, Michael!


Renae said...

CUTE! Happy Birthday, cute little boy! Kristina, I think it sounded like an awesome party...the only thing missing was ME ;)

mjwells said...

You have such a handsome son! He is so adorable!

Claire Marsden said...

He's too cute!! Can't wait to see you guys... tell him we have a fun present waiting for him at our house and can't wait to come over so we can play with it!