Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Update...

I have this reminder set on my phone (it was set when I purchased my iPhone last March...) to update the blog. Over time the list of what to update on the reminder has gotten longer and longer...and I'm not going to lie, I probably won't catch up with everything.  The list goes as follows:

-Jonathan's enlistment
-Andrew's Blessing and Kepler going to the MTC
-Jonathan leaves for BASIC
-Mother's Day and mom's passing
-Georgia/Indiana trip, BASIC graduation
-Texas trip/AIT graduation
-Thanksgiving in Utah
-Christmas 2012 in Oregon
-Valentine's Day Surprise/trip to Georgia/RASP graduation
-Michael turns 4
-Jared's arrival
-Georgia visit I said I probably won't catch up on everything ;) ...but tomorrow I'll start with an entry on Jared

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Renae said...

Yay can't wait!! :)