Sunday, April 11, 2010

Butterick Lies...

For those of you reading that aren't members of the Ridge family and are sister-in-law, Kendra is getting married this coming Tuesday. A bridal shower was thrown for her on Saturday. At first I planned on getting her some fun lingerie, but then changed my mind and decided to make her an apron because I've always wanted an apron and still don't have one. One day while out running errands, Michael and I went over to Jo-Ann Fabrics to search for the perfect pattern--an easy pattern. I went through several catalogs and found the cutest apron in the Butterick book. Luckily it was in the "See and Sew" section which is supposed to be the super easy patterns. I picked out some cute fabric and then set out to sew this EASY apron. Liars. The people who make these Butterick patterns clearly do not understand the definition of easy. I pulled the pattern out and started to read the directions and I didn't know what in the world they were talking about! Granted I haven't sewn in quite some time and my skills are rather rusty...but I figured it's like riding a bike, right? Anyway, I immediately called my grandma and she came to my rescue. We went to visit her several days later and I felt much better when she started reading the instructions and confirmed that it was indeed rather complicated. She walked me through the instructions and I managed to do the actual sewing all by myself :). I must say that while parts were tedious it did turn out rather cute. See for yourself:

Bryant (Kendra's fiance) wanted a turn to model too... was a bit short on him. ;)

Hopefully someday in the near future I'll get around to making myself an apron too.

Anyway, on to Michael. He was a bit overwhelmed by all the people at the Bridal Shower, but he soon was certain that the party was for him. Kendra sat in the center of the room as she opened her presents and Michael made sure to sit next to her to help. He didn't really care so much for opening the presents--he really just wanted to play with all of the tissue paper.

You gotta love that crooked goofy grin of his. :)


Jennie said...

After you make one for yourself you can make one for me! ;) Ha ha. I still don't have an apron, either. I've thought about making one many times.

It looks way cute!

Kellie said...

I don't have an apron either but I found a really cute one at seagull book, if you don't want to make another one. I'm sad I missed you guys the other week, fortunately and unfortunately I was completly booked at work that night. At the very least I have your blog if I don't get to see you again. Good luck with everything!

Claire Marsden said...

Oooooh can we take some sewing classes soon? I'd like to learn how to make cute sister-in-law got me the cutest apron for Christmas:[]=tags&includes[]=title (but you can never have enough aprons right?)

vinestreet said...

I would have tossed in the towel and bought an apron!! Well, if I had had my children around that's what I would have done. You did a great job with the shower!! Lots of fun.