Wednesday, October 13, 2010


**I know this is supposed to be wordless...but Jonathan wants me to explain why our little BOY has a flower in his hair. Michael sees his mommy and grandma wear flowers in their hair almost daily. Since moving here, one of his favorite things to do is to pick flowers off of the plumeria trees in the front and back yard. He says flower (which sounds more like "fthla")and he often holds a flower up to his ear and smiles. Yesterday he picked a flower and tried putting it by his ear but got upset when he couldn't get it to stay so I tucked it behind his ear and he was one happy little boy. I got the camera out and said "say cheese!" and these three shots are what he gave me. That second one is my favorite!


vine street said...

Very nice, Michael!! I love flthas too.

Diana Aiko Harris said...

Michael is so adorable! I love his smile. :)

Claire Marsden said...

It's so cool to see so much of you in him!!!