Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Take 2: "Stepping Up Storytime"

We almost didn't go to the Library this morning because Michael has been fighting a cold the past few days...but he seemed to be in much higher spirits and was much less boogery, so we went.

We arrived a few minutes late, but when I sat down on the rug, to my surprise--Michael decided he wanted to sit with me. For the first 10 minutes we were there he either sat in my lap or stood right in front of me and was very attentive to the lady leading the group. Today she read "If You Give a Moose a Muffin." After those first 10 minutes he decided he had enough though and made his way to the back of the room like last week.

Instead of making his way to either of the tables or wooden toys, he went to the shelves.

He selected a book and proceeded to sit on one of the soft chairs to read it.

However, that is when the balls came out and he quickly changed his mind about being anti-social and went over to join the fun.

After they put the balls away and did a wiggle song, out came the toys. He was quite the terror this week. Several different kids were playing with blocks around the room. Each one was creating a tower of some sort and Michael decided that it was his job to knock every tower he saw down...often doing so by diving into them.

I suppose this is my fault considering we build towers and knock them down at home--and we clap and laugh after doing so...whoops. We should probably stop doing that...

Anyway...take 2 of Library Storytime felt like a success. We'll keep going. :)


Diana Aiko Harris said...

That was hilarious. Keep the posts coming.

Renae said...

So fun! Hey I've started going swimming every so often and I always think of you :) Hope you are smiling!!