Monday, November 29, 2010

A Weekend of Visitors

This year Jonathan, Michael, and I spent Thanksgiving by ourselves (Mom, Dad, Steven, and Stephanie spent the whole week on a cruise--jealous, yes I am). I think that any other week of being by ourselves would have been welcomed and even needed, but I was super, super sick AND it was a holiday week...and no holiday is meant to be spent without family. Our Thanksgiving dinner ended up being some homemade fried chicken compliments of Jonathan, mashed potatoes and of course green beans. Unfortunately Michael didn't want any of it...and I couldn't taste any of it...but I think Jonathan enjoyed it! =)

Anywho...we ended that uneventful Thanksgiving week with a weekend full of visitors. :)

On Saturday, the Andrews came by to visit for a few minutes. They were visiting their daughter's family in Fountain Valley. I don't think I personally have seen them since before Michael was it was nice to visit with them for a bit.

Then...on Sunday, Uncle Hilton, Auntie Tammy, and Baba came by for a late dinner. They had driven from Arizona to San Diego to say goodbye and send off their son, Jacob, who is going to be gone for 6-8 months with the Navy. It was nice to catch up with them a little too. I hadn't seen Uncle Hilton and Auntie Tammy since Paul and Jennie's wedding and Jonathan had never met them. It was also nice to see Baba again. Of course, she didn't remember who I was, but she and Michael and fun playing together.

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

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