Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jumping Rope

Yesterday morning I went for a little jog and then decided to jump some rope. I was jumping in the walkway just outside our front door to avoid the sun a little, and as I was finishing up a set of doubleunders, Michael came to the front door and started to watch. Apparently he thought the jump rope was pretty cool. ;)

This morning when Jonathan and I got home from Crossfit, I was carrying my jump rope and Michael begged and begged for it. I went and grabbed him a different one (so that he wouldn't lose mine) and he held the rope with both hands and started jumping! It was the cutest thing ever, so we immediately went outside so we could jump together.

So Cute! It's amazing the things kids mirror. Michael is definitely in that stage where he copies and repeats EVERYTHING! So funny. I'm glad we don't swear ;)


Claire Marsden said...

SO CUTE! AND I still want to have you as my personal trainer :)

Renae said...