Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 Peterson Family Reunion in San Francisco

Catch-up Post #1 It'll be long, but I'll include lots of pictures to make it bearable. :) Here we go!

This year, the Peterson Family Reunion was planned around the Angels vs Athletics game on July 15th. We all made our way to San Francisco (except for Jonathan because he had to work) on the 11th and checked into our fun hotel. We stayed at the "Inn at the Opera." Michael was such a trooper during the car ride up and had lots of fun playing with Stephanie in the back seat. He especially enjoyed the spam musubi we ate for lunch...
...and being trained by Stephanie how to "smile like an asian."

That evening we went to a fun little pizza parlor and I found out that Diana was pregnant! :) She and Jeff are expecting a little boy this coming February. Woohoo!

The next couple of days we crammed in a bunch of fun touristy things. We went to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield and tasted some interesting flavors of Jelly Bellies.

We went to Ghirardelli Square and had some delicious sundaes, and of course went to the wharf to have some Boudin sourdough and clam chowder. You can't see our bread bowls...but that's what Diana and I are eating here. :)

...tired looking sisters! ;)

The Oakland Temple was closed, so we made the trip out to Sacramento to do our traditional session as a family.
Michael thinks it's super fun to jump off of things right now...

Jonathan joined us Wednesday night and the last few days we were there we took advantage of public transit...

as well as the cheapest form of transit...walking :)

...there were lots of hills ;)

We went to museums,

...and China Town,
"Speak no evil, See no evil, Hear no evil, and DO no evil" :)

...and Muir Woods,
...and of course, finished off with the baseball game.

Overall, it was a great trip! We were just about always on the go and I know while I was sad to say goodbye to everyone, I was excited to get home and get Michael back to some semblance of a normal napping schedule. I think we were all pretty tuckered out by the end.



Diana Aiko Harris said...

I love it!!! You have the cutest pictures. I love the one with you and Michael at the Jelly Belly factory. I can't wait till Thanksgiving! :) Love you

Jeff said...

Love the tired picture of Sarah. Classic! Too bad Michael wasn't doing the "Do no evil" as well. :)

Paul said...

Fun times and love the pics. :)