Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

When we were in Arizona for Kim's wedding at the beginning of October, Renae officially taught Michael the word pumpkin. Ever since then, he has been pointing out pumpkins all over the place and thanks to Lee (Renae's father, Jonathan's uncle, and my pseudo padre) Michael has also been calling people "pumpkin head." Every time we went to the grocery store, Michael would BEG for a pumpkin. Finally, on the 29th we went to Sam's Market and let Michael pick out a pumpkin. He was really more entertained by their decorations so we ended up leading him to one that weighed 26.34 pounds. (Which is just about 2 pounds more than him.) He was super excited about it. We carved it the next day after church.

Michael was a great helper, but was still extremely disgusted by the pumpkin innards. We finally convinced him to touch them a little bit, but he ended up just coloring on the outside of the pumpkin while we scraped the inside and cut the jack-o-lantern face on the other side.

This year for Halloween, we thought we'd try and dress as a family again. If you remember, last year Michael was a Zoo Keeper and Jonathan and I were elephants.

Halloween 2010:
We ran through several different ideas and finally decided on a Toy Story Theme. Jonathan and I were Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and Michael was our adopted Alien child. :) We were trying to go for the inexpensive costume route so I looked up some store bought and homemade costumes and decided I could totally do it by myself. I bought t-shirts for each of us, different colors of felt for the faces, yarn for Michael's hat, a visor to decorate for me, and a hat for Jonathan. All three costumes totaled just under $20 and took me just a couple hours to make.

I was a little worried Michael wouldn't want to keep his hat on, but boy was I wrong! I made Stephanie a hat for her Waldo outfit and after seeing her wear hers, he thought it was so cool!

Michael definitely enjoyed the concept of "trick or treating." We think he completely understood the fact that he was getting candy, but he didn't really want to eat any of it. He just wanted to keep getting more...and more...and more.

A friend of ours from the ward decided to go with the Toy Story theme as well and we did a little trick or treating with them at the end of the night. Their two boys were Buzz and Woody, and as I'm sure you can tell from the picture the father was Andy. :)

While they may not get along all the time, Michael really does love Emmett who is 2 months older than him. The two of them held hands as they walked...so darn cute.

Happy Halloween!


Renae said...

Pumpkin head :)

Jeff said...

You are so creative!! :)

Diana Aiko Harris said...

You guys are so cute! I hope I am that creative when I have a little boy old enough to go trick or treating. :)

vinestreet said...

I love the updates. HIDING!!