Friday, November 4, 2011

Michael's New Favorite Place to Play

One of Michael's favorite things to do is hide. There are two places Michael can typically be found when he hides. The first place is on our bed underneath our pillows. We usually see him try and sneak back to our room, but if he ever gets there without us knowing and we take too long to come look for him...he'll shout "Mommy (or Daddy), HIDING!!!!"

(I know I've posted that picture before, but I love it...)

The second and more recent favorite spot to hide is under or in these big buckets.

You can't even see him!

Check him out in action...

He's such a funny kid.


Diana Aiko Harris said...

I am excited to get to play with Michael. Hopefully he will remember who I am. Great Post. :)

Kristina said...

He're "Na-na-na-na" :)

Mrs. Wright said...

Excited to see some updates of you guys touring the awesome hawaiian islands! :)