Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dustin and Amy's Wedding

On Friday, Dustin and Amy were sealed together forever in the Salt Lake Temple...beautiful ceremony...beautiful bride...and most important...happy couple.

I don't think I've ever seen Dustin so happy... :)

The Ridge Clan...Gotta love Shaelynn's face!

After taking pictures, we made our way to The Lion House for a yummy luncheon and that night the reception was held at The Woods in Murray.

The Whole Gang...Minus Elder Brady Ridge

Two of the four beautiful bridesmaids

Standing in the line...

Michael and I were having a good old time hanging out while Jonathan was in the line, but then he decided it was time for bed...and he wanted daddy.

And finally...our little family :)

Congratulations Amy and Dustin! We're sooo excited to have Amy as a part of our family! :)

Coming soon:
* Michael's Blessing
* Claire comes for a visit!

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Carrie said...

Hi, Jon and Kristina!

Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing. I am really happy for Dustin.