Saturday, August 22, 2009

Michael's Blessing

This past Sunday was Michael's Baby Blessing. It was wonderful to be able to have so many family members there to share in this special day. Michael must have had a nervous tummy because during the opening song he decided to load his diaper. Jonathan and I were praying that it wouldn't go through and onto his nice white outfit...thankfully it didn' least not that time. Right as church was ending, there was a repeat offense and it went through the diaper, his onsie, and his new outfit. But it gets better...after I managed to get those off of him, he decided to pee everywhere. You'd think that by now I'd be quick enough to get the diaper on him before such things could happen...but no.

After church we made our way to North Canyon Park for a picnic with the family. Here are a few pictures of those present at the park:

Peterson Family

Ridge Family

Whatcott Fun Center

Patti and Chad (Jamie was at the Blessing, but couldn't be there for the picnic)

Chevalier Family

Grandma and Grandpa Whatcott

Thank you to those who took the time to prepare different dishes for everyone to share. The food was great!

Since we had spent most of the week with the Ridge's with everyone being in town for Dustin and Amy's wedding, we decided to spend the rest of Sunday Evening with the Peterson's. We played a vicious game of Uno and ate yummy leftover Chocolate Birthday Cake.

Jonathan enjoyed hanging out with James and Michael:

And Grandma Gracie did some tummy time with Michael:

The weekend went by much too fast. We were bummed to see both sides of the family leave, but we're excited to see the Peterson's again in a few days!


Claire Marsden said...

Too cute... I'm sure he's going to LOVE that story when he gets older ;-)

Ohana Wright said...

Aren't get together's for baby blessings the best?! What a cutie!!! He looks adorable in his little outfit! Too bad he pooped and peed - the little stink! =0) I'm sure Jonathan was inspired to give the most beautiful blessing! I love all the aloha flowers that all the ladies are wearing. It makes me miss Hawaii.

vinestreet said...

He looks like such an angel in those pictures!! You should put one on the wall or somewhere in a frame. What a busy crazy weekend that was. :)