Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Michael's Crib

Grandma Gracie and Grandpa John bought Michael a crib and we finally put it together yesterday. I think Jonathan kept putting it off because he knew it would be quite a time consuming task...what he must have forgotten is that I am a master putter-together-of-things :).

Making sure we have all the pieces:

Michael wanting to lend a hand:

Michael started to feel left out when he couldn't help a whole lot...so we needed to take a break and play...

Me demonstrating my master putter-together-of-things skills:

And the final product:

Michael still sleeps in his bassinet, but he seems to like his crib already...

Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa! We can't wait to see you this weekend!


vinestreet said...

Wow, it's beautiful. I can't believe how much he smiles for only being two months! How wonderful.

We're excited to see you guys again too---only a couple more days till wedding time!

Grace said...

Good job Jonathan, Kristina and Michael...you did a great job putting it all together! Wow! Dad, Steven and I were laughing at the big wide mouth frog look of Michael...then next to this picture is you and Jonathan with your mouths wide open...gee...I wonder where he gets that big wide mouth frog look from...I just wonder.....lol

Renae said...

Wow that is a beautiful crib! So fun to see you yesterday and now again on Friday :)